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  1. Respect your fellow mailing list members: if you want to say something “personal”, say it in the most humane manner possible.
  2. Avoid obscenities, cursing, damaging personal remarks. As much as possible, address the issues to the mailing list and avoid personal attacks.
  3. When you are replying to an e-mail, quote only the part which you want to be noted. Not all people use GMAIL, so they need to sort your quotations. Quotations are usually marked with “>” and the level of quoting is indicated by the number of “>”. For example, “> >” before the start of a sentence means a “quotation from the one you are quoting”. In one sentence, QUOTE ONLY THE LINE THAT YOU ARE RESPONDING TO.
  4. Boring responses like “yes”, “I agree”, “O.K.” are discouraged because they add up to the traffic and the people in the mailing list are busy people who cannot afford to waste their time over such no-substance replies. However, a “thank you” is welcome.
  5. If your message concerns only a specific person and if you think the whole group cannot benefit from it, please send it to the intended person only.
  6. Always try to stay ON-TOPIC. The topic is: technical discussions related to the use of Linux and Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) technologies.
  7. E-mails going into the mailing list are “threaded” meaning they are archived in such a way that you can easily follow a certain topic based on a “thread” or grouped e-mails with the same subjects. As much as possible, do not edit the subject unless it is absolutely necessary. If you are creating a new thread out of an old thread, you can mark it with “was:”. For example, “New thread (was: Old thread)”.
  8. Make sensible subjects so the reader can easily follow the contents of a certain thread by just looking at the subject.
  9. Avoid sending attachments in proprietary formats (e.g. Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, etc.). Please read more here: http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/no-word-attachments.html
  10. Avoid “text lingo”. Even if scientific findings say that humans don’t actually read words as in letter by letter but there are cases when we find it very difficult to predict a word when essential vowels are removed. So to avoid this, it would be better if we all stick to the standard form of spelling.
  11. Avoid chain mails. Chain mails are not that bad as long as they are genuine advocacies. But chain mails are also proven to be good sources of email addresses for spammers, you might as well tell the advocate to post his petition online. If you want to distribute the link of a petition, try to use the BCC or blind carbon copy field to hide e-mails addresses of intended recipients.
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