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It was during the renewal period of the recognition of organizations in UP Diliman in 2004 that an UnPLUG member happened to discuss the annual University Student Council election with a staff of the Office of Student Activities. This discussion touched some of the hardships of running the said election such as its expenses, low turnout of voters, and counting of votes up to the wee hours of the morning. If the processes of the election can be somehow automated, it will surely help alleviate the problems mentioned.

During that time, some UnPLUG members have started to learn how to develop web applications and the news brought by their fellow member about the election served as an opportunity for them to practice their skills and at the same time give back something to the university. Thus, the Halalan Open-Source Voting System was born.

Meetings, meetings, and more meetings followed that fateful event. Careful design evaluations, coding marathon, code rewriting, and late night discussions soon produced a working prototype by early January of 2005.

Simultaneous to the development of Halalan, UnPLUG has also actively advocated its use for the next student council election by establishing a partnership with the then current student council administration. The Halalan Press Conference on January 2005 and the Halalan Convention on June of the same year were part of the initiative to push through the use of Halalan for student council elections.

Unfortunately, Halalan was not used in the election on March 2005 and by the following year, the efforts just died down and as a result, it was also not used in the election on March 2006. However, on May 2006, Halalan received fresh new talents and returning old ones and has grown stronger ever since. The efforts were soon rewarded as Halalan was used in the Engineering Student Council election for the academic year 2007-2008.

Visit the Halalan website at http://halalan.uplug.org/

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